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Are you tired of feeling anxious and stressed, or struggling with physical and emotional pain? Are you ready to let go of your trauma and emotional baggage and elevate your life?  I'm Molly Campbell Barton, and I help people just like you, release your trapped emotions naturally.   I use Emotion Code, AO Scan frequency technology, energy healing, and Wildflower CBD+ products for those seeking alternative ways to help restore balance and wellness. 


What if I told you that you could experience relief from emotional struggles, stress, feeling out of balance, physical discomfort, anguish, and other difficulties, by scheduling a remote healing session? As someone who's studied holistic practices for 2 decades, I've helped my clients overcome their fears and anxieties naturally, giving them overall improvement in wellness and peace of mind.


Schedule your complimentary "Let it Go" Strategy Session now, to find out why everyone is so excited after experiencing this elevating work.

Remote Healing

Release your baggage.  Elevate your life!

Do you feel like you don't have time for one more appointment or one more thing? Another benefit of this work is that it needn't be done in person.  Book a remote session, I'll do the energy healing work, with no inconvenience to your schedule.


I release the negative energies and follow up with you.  I do the work via proxy, send you the results, and we conference about it electronically or by phone. Clients love this distance work because of the convenience and great results they are receiving.


I carry Wildflower CBD+ products including oils, tinctures, soaps, capsules, healing sticks, bath bombs, and more.

Feel free to contact me via email for further information, or with any questions you have.

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Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

My personal journey has led me to the path of natural and holistic remedies. Following a traumatic accident, and sustaining a spine injury, I found myself searching for an alternative to pharmaceuticals, painful therapies, surgery, and medical treatments that provided little to no permanent relief.  


After being introduced to The Emotion Code, I found a local practitioner and decided to go for it. I was blown away to find that they were not only able to help me be free from pain and anxiety medications, but they also released my emotional traumas. After a couple of sessions, the physical pain I’d struggled with for over 10 years was gone! It was truly a miracle.


I began researching and studying energy work, and since then, I’ve been helping others find the significant relief that I’ve experienced. I highly recommend people give this work the opportunity to change their lives. My clients have expressed their joy over their own transformation. 

Reach out to me.  It's time to let go of the things that have been holding you back, and elevate your life!

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