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Feel the Heal!

I'm beyond excited to be launching my energy healing practice. Connect with me for a complimentary consultation and release. You will be mind blown!

Hit me up for Wildflower CBD products. I offer muscle testing for precision doses. Save money on these awesome products by purchasing them from me, and ensure that you are getting high quality CBD at a dose customized to meet your needs.

With the hot weather, people are loving the CBD+Healing and Cooling Sticks. They are great for sore muscles, sunburns, bug bites, abrasions, and cracked heals. The CBD+tinctures are also a hot item right now. Clients are talking about how great they are feeling, and how much less they are using pharmaceuticals to meet their pain and inflammation relief needs.

Please email me if you have any questions. I'm excited to share what I'm learning! Thanks for checking out my page!

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